Filling vacancies to the next level.
With mentoring for success.

When employees move on it is sometimes difficult to suddenly find the right people to fill decisive positions. It is even more difficult when time is limited. As was the situation with this metal processing business in Lower Austria.
When an employee in a key professional position left the company, the new vacancy needed to be filled. Due to the special know-how that is required for this position, finding the right person appeared to be complicated, expensive and would take a long time. But this was a matter of urgency and they were under enormous pressure. At Pendl & Piswanger we were able to work out together with our client the following solution: fill the vacancy with a competent professional within the company, supported for 9 months by an interim manager from P+P. The function of the interim manager was to act as mentor by providing hands-on knowledge and be available at all times with advice and to provide assistance. After this phase the employee was capable of taking on the challenges of daily business and has since been performing excellently in his new job.