Our pool of more than 1,000 managers is extremely diverse and with our interim managers we are able to provide an ideal solution for your immediate tasks in almost every area of industry in any location worldwide. Interim managers work for you on a time basis and can take on all the functions of upper management.

Here are the most important examples

  • Managers that take on operative leadership of projects involving several or all departments.
  • In sales and marketing, both operative as well as strategic marketing and sales objectives can be implemented.
  • In finance, interim managers take on tasks in corporate finance, controlling and auditing.
  • In engineering, they are deployed as plant or manufacturing managers, including quality assurance and research and development.
  • In logistics and procurement, interim managers are used to drive results in projects concerning operative and strategic purchasing as well as solving logistics challenges.
  • In IT they can take on systems development projects, operative IT tasks and manage training and support.
  • They can take on the role of mentor for future managers in your company and ensure that they are ready to face the daily challenges of your business.